Our Story

Brian and Mary Lohse were married on a hot August afternoon in 1995 at the Federated Church in Bondurant. They then set out and left Iowa to begin their life together. But not too many years later, after starting their family, they decided that right back in good ol’ Bondurant, Iowa was where they wanted to make the place they call home,  surrounded by family, friends, their church family and the values of small town living they had grown up with. That was in 2000.  Three kids and two dogs later, it was a decision they have never regretted. The people of this small central Iowa town made the Lohse’s and hundreds of other families, come to believe what our grandmas always told us is 100% the truth. It really does take a village to raise a child.

However, the village was lacking one small thing. Someplace a family could go to get their weekly groceries, or that inevitable trip for the one item you forgot so that the recipe isn’t ruined. More than once over the past decade, this Bondurant husband and wife have looked at each other and said “if we ever come into any money we oughta open a grocery store here in town”. Well God took that little dream seriously, and in September 2012 blessed them with an almost inconceivable amount of money to indeed turn that thought into a reality. That reality opens in mid-April. The Lohse’s wish is that their gift of a grocery store with a café where friends and family can gather will continue to make their village the best place on earth to live, love, and raise a family.